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Fig.3: light cloud with Sfera luminaires

An example of such a next This type of additional intelligence
generation luminaire is the in light management systems will
Zumtobel Sfera which uses be important for future lighting
swarmControl. SwarmControl has solutions to make sure that the
two key functions – the corridor energy is used optimally and that
function and the presence-based the persons using the lighting
function. The corridor function systems get the highest possible
provides for safety and orientation. comfort and functionality from their
The luminaires are dimmed up systems. l
successively thanks to a built-in
presence detector, showing people Contact details:
their way to the workstation. At Klaus Vamberszky
the workstation, the presence- Chief Technology Officer Zumtobel Group
based function ensures ideal Zumtobel Lighting GmbH
lighting conditions with a mean Schweizer Straße 30
illuminance level of up to 500 lx. A-6851 Dornbirn / Austria
Yet every staff member can adjust T: +43 5572 / 390 660
the lighting quantity at any time to E:
suit his/her personal preferences.
Via radio signals sent to the
luminaire’s neighboring luminaires,
a positionally-independent “light
cloud” that conjures up a pleasant
atmosphere in the room is created.
Over and above this, an ideal
lighting situation is guaranteed that
provides greater visual comfort
for the various tasks to be fulfilled
and has a positive impact on the
staff members’ performance. No
additional software is required in
order to configure the luminaires.
Even if the arrangement of
workstations in the office changes,
swarmControl allows adjustment to
cater for altered room layouts.
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