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Energy saving with smart lighting

On March 18th 2009 Fig.1: Efficacy increase as a function of time (Source: DOE-
the European report “Energy Savings Potential of Solid-State Lighting in
Commission General Illumination Applications”, 2012)
adopted a regulation
on non-directional household into the focus and probably the However the higher the energy
lamps which would replace most crucial one will be the use of saving potential of these light
inefficient incandescent bulbs light management systems. These management systems are
by more efficient alternatives systems not only allow for using the higher tends to be their
like LED lamps. Thanks to this the light when it is needed and complexity. This can cause
regulation, EU citizens are where it is needed (and turning additional problems and mistakes
expected to save close to 40 it off in all other cases) but they in the initial commissioning of the
billion kWh (corresponding to also allow to make proper use system but it has an even more
the electricity consumption of of the biological impact of light pronounced impact on the user
11 million European households on the human body. Especially and how he uses the system.
or the equivalent of the yearly in office applications this gives Usually after a few weeks he has
output of 10 power stations of the opportunity to increase the forgotten how to use most of the
500 megawatts) and reduce CO2 performance and well-being of the advanced features of the light
emission by about 15 million tons employees by simply adjusting the management system and uses only
per year in 2020. The regulation color temperature of the light. some very basic functionalities
is thus expected to reinject about which on the other hand have
5-10 billion euros in to the EU The energy saving potential of also very limited energy saving
economy. using light management systems potential.
is in the same order of magnitude
This energy saving is even as the energy saving potential of A good light management
enhanced by the continuous replacing classical light sources system should therefore be self-
improvement of the LED efficacy. with LED light sources. According commissioning and although it
However for physical reasons this to a recent McKinsey report the should allow user control if desired
efficacy increase cannot continue lighting control system market it should do the light management
forever and it is expected that the is already mushrooming with a by itself if the user doesn’t give
limit will already be reached within growth rate anticipated at almost any input. In the ideal case a lot of
the next ten years. 20 percent per year through to the functionality should already be
2020 and while office is currently packed into the luminaire so that
While the improvement of the the largest market segment in this the user doesn’t have to bother
light source will reach its physical area, expansion is expected in with separate server systems and
limits, alternative possibilities for residential and outdoor. network topologies.
further energy savings will get

Fig.2: corridor function with Sfera luminaires
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