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Autumn 2014 European Energy Innovation


Intelligent lighting for people

By Reine Karlsson, Prof. EcoDesign, InsideLight, Lund University Open Innovation Center

The utilization of the new than before. This has led to an
lighting can be made increased interest in the character
intelligent in several and quality of the light in our
different ways. One work and living environments. In
obvious basis is that the selection addition, new research has shown
of lighting system design and that the variation of the amount
products can be more or less of blue light is important for the
intelligent. Furthermore the use of synchronisation of our body’s
the installed lighting can be more circadian clock, which is important
or less intelligent. for health and wellbeing. At a
more basic level, we all know that
The rich variety of LED, sensors, the character and quality of our
user interfaces, hard- and software light environments are important
is enabling a new level of freedom for our wellbeing. The light is the
of action. Smart dynamic lighting carrier for the experiences we
installations can be made ever appreciate; e.g. the play of light
more “intelligent”, at a significantly at sunrise and sunset, in the forest
lower cost than before. It has and at the sea, and numerous
become possible to supervise people like to put candlelight’s at
what is happening in buildings and the dinner table to create a nice
cities. Furthermore, it is possible to atmosphere.
enable users to control the lighting
in much more advanced ways Solid State Lighting has come
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