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Autumn 2014 European Energy Innovation


Adoption of LEDs in
Smart Lighting Systems

By Carlos Lee, Director General, EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium

Solid-state lighting (SSL) (and HID) light sources do not
using LEDs is being have this capability.
adopted rapidly with
double-digit growth in The deployment of smart light
Europe and around the systems is the clear, single
world. Commercial indoor step that will unlock economic
lighting represents a major added-value for the commercial
market sector. In Europe, lighting sector. Success requires
as elsewhere, commercial a better marketing effort with
lighting applications education and imaginative
represent about 50% of financing solutions, as well as
lighting sales. imaginative technology and
design innovations that respond
LED technology used for to customer needs.
lighting leads to highly-
efficient light sources that The opportunity for SSL
bring the benefits of both applications in commercial
reductions in greenhouse gas buildings varies according
emissions and reduced electricity to region. In Asia and Africa
consumption. However, indoor where urban growth is strong,
commercial lighting, based on the emphasis should be on
fluorescent sources is already incorporating smart lighting in
energy-efficient. Deploying SSL by new building design. In Europe,
itself is not going to change much the focus is on refitting and
from this point of view. Although updating existing infrastructure.
SSL may enable some additional The European situation requires
cost-reductions, there is a limit innovative thinking on how to
to the added-value that can be finance Smart Lighting systems
achieved through cost-cutting. in an existing building with little
On the other hand there is no or no apparent cost to the owner,
upper limit on the added-value while creating a more valuable
that can be gained by introducing piece of real estate as a result of
new functionalities enabled the intervention.
by smart lighting systems. The
major difference between LED Like fluorescent lighting or HID,
and fluorescent lighting is the SSL brings benefits in energy
following: LED lighting is easily efficiency. However these benefits
programmed by computer to vary are secondary when compared
the intensity, the color, and even to the value-added by improved
to carry information. Fluorescent productivity from Smart Lighting.
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