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of age and is able to deliver The 7th Framework project growth and jobs. As a way to
new benefits to the users and SSL-erate, “Accelerate SSL enable more renewal oriented
owners. SSL enable more Innovation for Europe” aims to business development, SSL-
dynamic, controllable and higher accelerate innovative deployment erate is promoting open-minded
quality light, enhanced visual of high-quality SSL solutions. dialogue and open innovation by
performance and improves the One background is that Smart means of the innovation platform
ambience and safety of urban Lighting applications have so far “Lighting for People”,
environments. One aspect of only activated a minor part of the
the need for intelligent solutions possible added user value and
is that the need for lighting is business development potential. SSL and ICT are enabling a
context dependent. There is quite The basic ambition with SSL-erate very large freedom of action,
a lot to gain, both individually is to enhance the added user which can be used or misused.
and for society, when we have and business value of SSL by With SSL there is great ability to
the right light, in the right place, promotion of solutions that are tailor lighting systems to meet
at the right time, for each and better from health and wellbeing visual needs and wants, and
everybody. This is the best point of view and from intelligent also non-visual needs. At the
solution from customer value green business development other end of the customer value
point of view. It is also the solution point of view. For example, the EU scale, there is a risk for sales and
that is best from sustainable report Lighting the Cities mention installation of poorly engineered
development point of view, that investments in innovative products, including LEDs and
because it is not effective to use lighting infrastructures at the poorly implemented lighting
material and energy to produce municipal level offer the potential systems. When the requirements
disturbing or not wanted light. to boost local innovation, are unclear there is a risk that
some suppliers will use their
technical freedom of action to
reduce their cost and still present
their products with a new value
enhancing “label”, e.g. “LED”. This
risk is serious because, at the
same time as it is difficult to make
clear and widely understood
specifications for the new lighting,
the dominating goal for public
procurement in Europe tends to
be to minimize the investment
cost. Consequently, the cheapest
solutions tend to win and then
there is a risk that people get
disappointed with the new

Smart SSL is enabling significantly
better working and living
environments, for example in
schools and for elderly people.
To be able to make optimum
use of the potential to improve
the quality-of-life there is a need
to activate relevant knowledge
as more clear guidance for the
deployment of SSL. l
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