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Infor+mSateinosnorTsechnology PhHyusimolaongFya+ctPoyrssc: hology 3. INVESTING IN SMART
Lighting The cost of residential lighting
ranges between 10% to 20%
Solid-sate Lighting of the monthly electric bill.
+ Sensors In Germany today, a typical
expenditure on electricity for
lighting might be 20 euros per
month. In France, because of
lower rates, a typical expenditure
might be 10 euros per month.
By changing all lighting sources
to LED a resident might realize a
savings on electricity of 1-2 euros
per month, or the equivalent
of one extra cup of coffee per
month. This potential savings
is small compared to the cost
of changeover. In addition, the
residential user can rarely benefit
in concrete terms from the
additional functionality offered by
Smart Lighting.

Figure 3: Smart Lighting is a combination of SSL, IT and Human factors On the other hand, Smart Lighting
will have a significant effect
The added-value derived from that light-emitting diodes are in commercial and industrial
smart lighting come from several programmable semiconductor settings because the size of the
sources: devices, similar to transistors building units is much larger
• Higher productivity and integrated circuits. They than a single residence, resulting
• Greater security are digital devices and they can in economies of scale, but
• Lower energy consumption be interfaced to computing mostly because the additional
• Lower maintenance costs systems. The possibilities are functionality of Smart Lighting
• Greater synergy between much greater: intensity, color, creates building units with added
information transmission and economic value, enabling higher
lighting, cooling, security detection. rental revenues and resale value.
These circumstances suggest
The energy efficiency of SSL is To implement Smart Lighting that LED-based lighting will be
an important benefit, but it is successfully one combines adopted first by commercial/
one of a number of benefits, LED light sources with sensors, industrial sectors and more slowly
and not necessarily either the knowledge about human by individuals.
most important nor the most perception, using information
predictable. technologies to enable control of The installation of Smart Lighting
lighting in response to ambient requires planning and integration
The key to understanding why SSL conditions. of building operating systems:
is so revolutionary is to recognize • Lighting, both electrical and

passive solar
• Heating and air conditioning

• Security
• Information Technologies (IT)
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