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1. LIGHTING IS ABOUT PEOPLE An important additional fact l Residential 13%
Economic productivity is the is that there is not an energy l Outdoor 12%
result of people at work. People shortage. The sun radiates the l Commercial 45%
must have light in order to be earth every day with thousands l Industrial 30%
productive. There are lighting of times more useable energy
conditions that optimise than people can consume. There Figure 1: Commercial lighting represents about
productivity. may be a shortage of cheap and 45% of the lighting market in Europe, and
dirty energy, but not a shortage about 50% of the lighting market worldwide.
Here is the proof: of energy. So the prospect of Commercial and industrial lighting together
• Productivity is zero in the dark introducing a technology that represent 75% of the lighting market. Smart
• Productivity is zero if the light may create more demand for lighting can make a significant positive
energy than it saves through impact on commercial and industrial lighting
intensity is blinding efficiency should not slow the applications
• Between these 2 extremes, adoption of SSL.
l CFL 18% l Halogen 4%
there are conditions where the 2. SMART LIGHTING l Incandescent 6% l HID 6%
productivity is optimized The concept of Smart Lighting is l LED 6% l LFL 60%
straightforward. The objective is
Smart lighting is the concept that to improve the productivity and Figure 2: More than 90% of installed commercial
seeks lighting conditions that performance of people. People lighting is already energy-efficient. Only
optimize human productivity, in need light in order to perform. halogen and incandescent lighting systems
the classroom, in the factory, in With the right kind of light, they have poor efficacy.
the hospital recovery room, on can feel better and perform better
the stage, wherever people are Students of all ages perform
living. better; learn faster and more
efficiently under the right lighting
Although smart lighting is not a conditions. These conditions
new idea, SSL is the first lighting change according to the time of
technology that allows the full day and the number of students,
exploitation of Smart Lighting and the type of activity. The class
concepts. This is why SSL is room will be lit differently in
different and better than other different areas according to these
efficient lighting technologies like parameters.
Smart lighting parameters can be:
The key to capture and • Intensity
exploitation of the added-value is • Hue or colour temperature
to measure these improvements. • Diffuse and point source
• Information/communication
The revolution brought on by SSL
will cause lighting to be used in What is more, the optimum
applications that no one can even parameters are variable,
imagine today. The simple idea depending on:
that we will save energy by simply • Time of day
substituting a SSL light bulb for an • Presence of others: What is the
incandescent bulb is erroneous
and misleading. In fact, there scene? What kinds of people
will be more kinds of lighting and objects?
applications, and there will be • Time of year
more people using lighting. As • Task: What kind of work is
a result, it is possible that more going on?
electricity will be consumed, • Weather
albeit more efficiently.
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