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Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation        47


District of Future: a New
Transformation of City District

Rubén Cánovas Mas, Head of Smart Cities, Manager at everis

District of the Future (DoF) is a project    DoF Consortium in the ZEB Houses of Corby
funded by the European Commission
that aims to demonstrate how an
increase in the energy efficiency of city
districts can be achieved using innovative
Information and Communication
Technology. This has the potential to
decrease a city’s energy consumption
and its greenhouse gas emissions.
The project’s goal is to demonstrate
that energy consumption and CO2
emissions can be lowered by 30-40%
relative to the current and average
building stock present in the city.

The project and affiliated research           The Spanish city of Sabadell is located       Due to the heterogeneous nature of
could be instrumental in providing           in the Barcelona metropolitan area. In        the data and its influential relationship
insight and new techniques in the            Sabadell residential, public, and industrial  with citizens’ quality of life, the DoF
development of an urban district of          buildings were tested and integrated          project outcomes are applicable
the future. Every building in any city       into the DoF platform. Therefore the          towards a diverse range of areas
will be able to collaborate, share, and      DoF project will include the results and      external to energy efficiency. The
interact to improve their citizens’ quality  achievements pertinent to the industrial,     project can also be a starting point for
of life and to decrease public and           public and private sector.                    future collaborations with different
private expenditure on energy.                                                             partners from, for instance, in the real
                                             Corby, in the United Kingdom,                 estate, utilities or construction sector.
The goals described will only                is a rapidly developing city in
be realised when the following               Northamptonshire. It was possible             To achieve a truly sustainable society,
infrastructure is in place:                  to analyse, for example, how a Zero           the European Union will need to
• The use and implementation of              Energy Bill house can significantly            encourage the deployment of smart and
                                             minimise the emissions at a district          efficient energy equipment, and invest to
    energy efficient solutions and            level if standardised across the district     foster a sustainable future for Europe. ●
    renewable energy sources needs to        by sharing, replicating and applying
    be incentivised;                         their energy patterns.                          This text reflects only the author’s
• A communication infrastructure to                                                          view and the Commission is not
    control and optimize the operations      DoF demonstrates how, by using                  responsible for any use that may be
    of such devices needs to be deployed     a communication platform and                    made of the information it contains.
    and standardized across Europe.          optimisation algorithms, along with
                                             energy efficient and renewable energy            This project has received funding
The DoF project started by analysing         devices, it is possible to reduce the           from the European Union’s FP7
three use case cities across Europe.         emissions of three pilot cities across          program under grant agreement No
It was important to study and apply          Europe by 30-40%. Having a cross                608649. This text reflects only the
the DoF solution to different cultural,      European study will allow for the               author’s view and the Commission
meteorological, and economic                 implementation of the DoF solution              is not responsible for any use that
situations to understand the                 using the same methodology and                  may be made of the information it
replicability of the DoF solution.           procedure to other sites and locations,         contains.
                                             helping councils to achieve their
In the French city of Orleans, the           decarbonisation and sustainability
performance of energy efficient               goals whilst bringing major costs
technologies in public buildings is          reduction.
being monitored and optimised.

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