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42  Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation


are already using (cool) devices like       is developing: the Commission will                     Mário Campolargo is Director
activity trackers, smart thermostat,        launch in 2016 large scale pilots with                 for “Net Futures” department
drones, but the industrial IoT requires     the aim to create ecosystems and                       of European Commission,
far many conditions to be fulfilled         to overcome the fragmentation of                       DG CONNECT, dealing with
before it can widely use IoT tools:         vertically-oriented closed systems.                    policy development and research
reliability is one of them. A connectivity                                                         supporting the Digital Single Market
failure between a smart thermostat and      One example of an open service                         from the angles of 5G networks,
a boiler at home or between process         platform is FIWARE, supported through                  IoT, cloud and data flows and
control sensors in the steel industry       the Future Internet Public Private                     conceptualising new and innovative
do not have the same consequences.          Partnership. The recently launched                     approaches towards service
Others issues like secure authentication,   open FIWARE Foundation further                         platforms and next generation
standardisation, interoperability,          develops FIWARE components in                          internet.
liability need to be properly addressed.    the context of digitising industries,
Data ownership, data location, data         starting with three business sectors                   Previously he has been Director
protection will also require action at      domains: Smart City, Industry 4.0 and                  for “Emerging Technologies and
EU level. The Commission is putting         Smart Agriculture. We have therefore                   Infrastructures” in DG INFSO in
forward a set of ideas and proposals        an opportunity to smartly build on                     charge of Future and Emerging
to guide this implementation forward,       existing open service platforms, such as               Technologies, ICT based
through notably a Staff Working             FIWARE, for accelerating the industrial                infrastructures for science and ICT
Document on Advancing the Internet of       use of open digital platforms and                      trust and security, experimental
Things in Europe.                           reinforcing innovation ecosystems.                     facilities and experimentally driven
                                                                                                   research for Future Internet.
BREAKING SILOS AND DEVELOPING               The Commission also launched
A THRIVING ECO-SYSTEM                       the Alliance for Internet of Things                    Before joining the European
One of the key challenges is to make        Innovation (AIOTI): it offers a series                 Commission in 1990, he worked
sure that IoT can be developed              of opportunities for stakeholders                      for 12 years in the R&D Centre of
on a pan-European basis. IoT                from various origins to establish links                Portugal Telecom as a researcher
requires breaking silos and avoiding        towards horizontal platforms, standards                and manager. He holds a Degree
fragmentation between industrial            and ecosystems and to collaborate in                   in Electrical Engineering from
application areas, between standards,       experimenting new IoT solutions. This                  University of Coimbra, a Master
between regions, which prevents the         will help the development of a thriving                of Science in Computing Science
full IoT vision to be realised as a new     IoT innovation ecosystem in Europe.                    from Imperial College London, a
cross-cutting business reality. An IoT                                                             Post graduate in Management from
policy has to address specific policy       In conclusion, it is fair to say that everyone         Solvay Business School Brussels and
challenges linked to a harmonised           should wake up to the potential of the                 a European Studies Diploma from
digital single market, notably to           Internet of Things to transform our lives              Université Catholique de Louvain-la-
interoperability, ubiquity, end-to-end      and improve the way we use resources,                  Neuve.
security and trust.                         including energy. We cannot miss the
                                            opportunity of making Europe the                       Disclaimer: This paper expresses
Actions at EU level already identified      world leading market for the IoT and                   the personal views of the author
and mapped the most promising               this means significant opportunities for               and in no way constitutes a formal/
clusters across Europe, where IoT           the energy sector too. l                               official position of the European

1 More details at:                                    Full version of a Staff Working
2 IDC and TXT Solutions (2014), SMART 2013/0037 Cloud and IoT combination, study for the European  Document on IoT.

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