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44  Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation


Driving innovation through

retrofitting and BIM within

Energy-efficient Buildings

By Stefano Carosio, co-chairman EeB PPP Partnership board (pictured)

The Energy Efficient Buildings           scale, facilitating the road towards      36% of Europe’s greenhouse gases, the
            (E2B) Committee within       future smart cities.                      construction sector is on its critical path
            the European Construction                                              to decarbonize the European economy
            Technology Platform (ECTP)   ECTP – Energy Efficient Buildings         by 2050, reducing its CO2 emissions
formed a joint initiative with the       Committee provides stakeholders           by at least 80% and its energy
European Commission to support the       with a yearly publication highlighting    consumption by as much as 50%. Due
projects funded within the Energy        the progress of the 110 co-funded         to this, future buildings are now being
Efficient Buildings (EeB) public-        projects within the EeB PPP under the     designed and built to far more rigorous
private partnership (PPP). The Energy    FP7 programme and the current 41          energy efficient standards and higher
Efficient Buildings PPP aims to develop  newly co-funded projects under the        performance standards than those of
affordable breakthrough technologies     Horizon 2020 programme. The newest        the past. However, 80% of the buildings
and solutions at building and district   edition of the EeB PPP Project Review     that will be operating in 2050 have
                                         highlights current results and achieved   already been constructed. Therefore,
                                         or potential impacts of the EeB PPP       climate and energy reduction targets in
                                         projects. The projects demonstrate        the Building Sector need to be met by
                                         scientific and technological excellence,  adapting and retrofitting these existing
                                         across all levels, from early stage       buildings. With its large potential to
                                         conception to demonstration of            deliver high energy and CO2 savings,
                                         almost ready-to-market innovations.       the Building Sector can have a central
                                         Most notably are those projects with      role in a more sustainable future for
                                         highly promising innovations involving    Europe.
                                         retrofitting and Building Information
                                         Modeling (BIM). Both energy efficiency    The FP7 BEEM UP project, completed
                                         retrofitting and BIM have a crucial role  in January 2015, demonstrated
                                         in achieving the ambitious European       the economic, social and technical
                                         targets, as the project BEEM-UP           feasibility of retrofitting initiatives for
                                         demonstrates in deep-retrofitting         drastically reducing the energy demand
                                         of buildings within the residential       in existing residential buildings. BEEM-
                                         sector, and as the project STREAMER       UP directly addressed the challenge of
                                         addresses through the use of novel        deep energy demand reduction in the
                                         BIM approaches to optimize new and        residential sector on a European scale.
                                         refurbished hospital buildings.           The project focused on multi-family
                                                                                   residential buildings with a tenant
                                         RETROFITTING                              rental structure, which is representative
                                         The European construction sector          of almost 18% of the European housing
                                         is of considerable importance for         stock. Through 340 dwellings located in
                                         Europe and its citizens. As Buildings     Sweden, France and the Netherlands,
                                         are responsible for 40% of Europe’s       refurbished with high energy efficiency
                                         energy consumption and generate           standards, BEEM-UP was able to

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