Page 50 - European Energy Innovation - Summer 2016 publication
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50  Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation


Ongoing works in Mercado del Val

                                                                             high performing envelope using
                                                                             multifunctional elements, natural
                                                                             and artificial lighting and more. The
                                                                             executive designs are in progress
                                                                             and works are planned from June
                                                                             to September. A LEAN construction
                                                                             management approach will support
                                                                             the construction phase to identify
                                                                             methods and best practises to
                                                                             smooth the process and avoid
                                                                             waste and delays. Meanwhile in
                                                                             Grosseto in Italy the focus will
                                                                             be put on electrical mobility and
                                                                             storage integration: an e-vehicle
                                                                             recharge system will be connected
                                                                             to a photovoltaic field on the roof
                                                                             of the centre (opening foreseen for

    energy consumptions. All these put    area. Its retrofitting is included  • In Trondheim (Norway), the 1987
    Mercado del Val as a frontrunner for  in an overall neighbourhood            38.000 m² centre was redeveloped
    renewables and natural light use.     requalification. CommONEnergy will      in 2000: City Syd is one of the
                                          develop and implement innovative       largest shopping centres in central
• The “Canaletto” supermarket in          solutions, including ventilative       Norway. The focus there is put on
    Modena is located in a residential    cooling, sanitary water system, a      natural ventilation, iBEMS, as well as
                                                                                 natural and artificial lighting.

                                                                             For the other reference buildings,
                                                                             virtual simulations were performed and

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