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Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation     49

                                            BUILDINGS RETROFITTING

solutions and technologies to increase

European retailers are materially         KEY FIGURES FOR SHOPPING CENTRES IN EUROPE:
affected by this as it specifies binding  • Shopping centres energy consumption: 32.2 TWh (EU+Switzerland&NO)
energy standards for commercially-
used buildings (new and existing          • Average specific shopping centre energy consumption: 272 kWh/m²a
buildings subject to major renovation).       (EU+Switzerland&NO)

The CommONEnergy EU-funded                • Energy efficient retrofit offers a huge savings potential (0.85 – 2.81 TWh in 6
project seized the challenge to help          years)
re-conceptualising these peculiar,
complex buildings and turn them into      • Shopping centres gross leasable area: 112.1 Mio, m² (EU+NO)
beacons of energy efficiency, the aim
being to provide smart, innovative        • Countries with the highest gross leasable area of shopping centres (larger
and cost-effective solutions for              than 5000m²): GB, FR, IT, DE and ES. With the least: CY, MT, LU, BG and LV
deep and systemic retrofitting. Eight
reference buildings were identified, all  • Shopping centres stand for almost 30% of the EU non-residential building
representative of the EU building stock       stock and contribute with around 11% of the EU’s GDP
as well as three demonstration cases:
CitySyd in Trondheim (NO), Mercado        implied dealing with several challenges    the retrofitting. The status is at different
del Val in Valladolid (ES) and Canaletto  and solving practical issues, discussed    stages in the demo cases:
in Modena (IT). Working with these        with local stakeholders directly involved
                                          in the design and implementation of        • The 1882 old market of 2.230m² in
                                                                                         the centre of Valladolid, ‘Mercado
                                                                                         del Val’, will be the first to reopen
                                                                                         after nearly a year and a half of
                                                                                         works. The focus on keeping its
                                                                                         natural essence was primordial.
                                                                                         After simulations and discussions
                                                                                         with the city architects, the chosen
                                                                                         technologies and solutions are now
                                                                                         installed. Comfort was improved
                                                                                         for shop-owners and visitors with
                                                                                         a multifunctional modular façade
                                                                                         now including glass windows to
                                                                                         let natural light enter and shutters
                                                                                         to regulate it. Geothermal heat
                                                                                         pumps are meeting the demand
                                                                                         for heating as well as cold and hot
                                                                                         water, while roof skylights provide
                                                                                         natural ventilation. A modern energy
                                                                                         management and monitoring
                                                                                         system (iBEMS) will allow an optimal
                                                                                         control of all technologies, taking
                                                                                         appropriate decisions to reduce
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