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28  Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation


(Clean Available Safe Economical)

in shipping – early 2017 update

by Katarzyna Chrulska, Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE)

ADVANTAGES OF LNG                             CLEAN                                        regulations are now on the horizon
A previous GIE1 article published at          An unquestionable benefit of LNG as          for the shipping community. Some
European Energy Innovation in 2016            a marine fuel concerns its ecological        examples are the EU CO2 monitoring,
expanded on the advantages of LNG             character: compared to traditional oil-      reporting and verification put in place
(liquefied natural gas) as a fuel. In brief,  based marine fuels a nearly complete         in 2018, the Energy Efficiency Design
these include what we refer to as the         removal of SOX, low levels of particle       Index (EEDI) phase 2 in 2020, the
CASE for LNG:                                 (PM) emissions, reduction of NOX             global IMO regulation setting a 0.5%
                                              emissions of up to 90% and a reduction       sulphur cap by 2020, additional ECAs
                                              of CO2 emissions by at least 25%.            to be established, and a global CO2
                                                                                           monitoring, reporting and verification
                                              European and international                   system, among others. All these
                                              environmental regulations are one of         environmental regulations push fleet
                                              the main catalysts for the use of LNG        owners and shippers to find cleaner
                                              transportation fuel (see SECA and ECA        solutions and LNG fuelled vessels
                                              zones). Several new environmental            are a good choice for them from the

                                              Liquified natural gas (LNG) is the alternative shipping fuel, reducing emmissions by
                                              up to:

                                              Source: GasNaturally. Air Quality Brochure2   …and emits few particulates.

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