Page 24 - European Energy Innovation - Spring 2017 publication
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24  Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation


Innovation and challenges
in small scale and LNG
bunkering in South-West Europe

The Spanish company, Enagás, is the coordinator                 project is €33.3 M and its execution is planned to last
            of CORE LNGas hive project, co-financed by the      until 2020.
            European Commission, with the leadership of
            Puertos del Estado, it involves 42 partners from    The aim is to develop a logistics and supply chain for LNG
Spain and Portugal: 8 state-owned institutions; 13 port         that will allow it to be used as a transport fuel, particularly for
authorities; and 21 industrial companies such as ship owners,   maritime transport. Fostering the use of LNG in the Iberian
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) operators and suppliers of          Peninsula as the project will contribute to the decarbonisation
different services in the value chain. The total budget of the  of the European Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors. The

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