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26  Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation



in the natural gas markets

By András Gyürk, Member of the European Parliament (pictured)

We are living in times                       induces changes in the status quo, and  on the availability of coal provided
                     when we are witnessing  the more adaptive and more complex      unprecedented amounts of energy.
                     a very important step   are to prevail.                         It was relatively easy to exploit and to
                     in the evolution of                                             transport, spreading industrialization
fossil fuels. Observing it in a historical   The large scale utilization of fossil   all around the globe. The next step in
context, the evolution of fossil fuels       fuels started with the use of coal in   this evolution took place before World
closely resembles the evolution of           the days of the industrial revolution.  War I, when most navies switched from
species. The changing environment            The profound transformation based       coal to oil as the fuel of their ships.

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