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30  Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation


Source: BP Outlook 2017

LNG-fuelled vessels: out of 97 LNG-       development of intelligence software. A    Europe. This includes not just LNG
fuelled vessels worldwide, 75% (73) are   good example may be the LNGi portal8       for use as a fuel but also increasing
in operation in Europe.                   which offers comprehensive insights        opportunities for using LNG in off-
                                          on the availability of LNG bunkering       grid applications where the existing
A continued work in R&D and the           in the world as well as market data on     pipeline infrastructure is insufficient.
emergence of interesting solutions        LNG as fuel for ships. This platform also  Globalisation of LNG market increases
further improving LNG technology          provides a map and positions of LNG-       competition and has a positive
in the maritime sector has also been      fuelled fleet’s operating area, detailed   influence on the market by stimulating
observed during this period. A good       statistics of the LNG-fuelled fleet and    the innovations.
example is Project Forward that is led    other related useful data.
by bulk carrier owner Arista Shipping,                                               There is indeed a visible tendency
and in addition by Deltamarin other       SMALL SCALE LNG                            to invest in small-scale as well as in
participants are ABS, GTT and Wärtsilä.   Small Scale LNG offers a variety of        the majority of the large-scale LNG
The project is developing a technically   different business services by the LNG     terminals in Europe. The loading
feasible and commercially viable          terminals that go beyond the traditional   of bunkering ships is available for
design for LNG-fuelled ocean-going        unloading, storage and regasification      example in Spain, the Netherlands,
vessels complying with the IMO            services. For some specific Small Scale    Belgium and France. GLE (Gas LNG
standards. The concept is based on        LNG activities, Europe (particularly       Europe) a column of GIE, regularly
the optimized B.Delta design suitable     some specific EU countries) has a          gathers and updates the LNG New
for ships between 82,000 and 210,000      long experience, with several hundred      Services Inventory9. It provides
DWT. It will employ GTT’s membrane-       thousand LNG truck loading operations      an overview of the new services
type LNG tanks for fuel containment.      over the last four decades, together       (reloading, trans-shipment, bunkering
Project Forward will ensure a long        with very numerous LNG reloading           ships, trucks and rail-loading) offered
sailing range for LNG which can easily    activities over the last 20 years.         by the European LNG terminal
be adjusted to fit the specific needs of                                             operators.
each owner or trade pattern.              The current situation shows that
                                          investments in small-scale LNG are         An important factor in the development
We can also observe increased             still being made everywhere in             of small-scale LNG is not only the

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