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32  Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation


EUCASS is offering two conferences
with great relevance to energy this year

The state of the art in European Aeronautics and                      ground production of electricity and/or hydrogen;
            Space will be presented in July at the seventh      • Surveillance of power lines, motorways and railroad
            EUCASS conference. The gathering will be hosted
            by POLIMI in Milano (          tracks with automated or remotely controlled drones;
We’ll be over 600 participants among the best professionals     • Development and storage of alternative fuels;
in Continental Europe, Russia included. A significant number    • Advanced methods using pulsed high pressure plasmas
of experts from all other continents are also joining. Indeed,
EUCASS, the European Conference for Aero-Space Sciences,              for flow and combustion control;
is the second largest scientific conference on the continental  • Etc..
scale after AIAA’s SciTech in the USA. The association was
launched in 2004 and ran its first ever conference in Moscow    Join us in a two-way exchange. You may have solutions
in 2005. Since then, this biennial event has set foot in the    unknown of the aerospace world and vice versa. Joining
major European countries engaged in aeronautics and space.      our EUCASS 2017 conference may open new visions, new
                                                                markets for you, or allow us to leapfrog our competitors in
The agenda this July will comprise:                             key areas and/or pass on to you advanced expertise. You may
                                                                still be able to submit a paper1.
• 600 presentations on all of the relevant enabling sciences,
    organised in workshops and five major symposia;             In any case it is in your interest to come, catch up with us
                                                                and embark in discussions about your own activities and
• comprehensive reviews of the main European aeronautics        solutions, and so much so whether they address basic
    and space programmes;                                       science or prototype development. You may also want to
                                                                follow the plenary on funding opportunities in Europe.
• lectures from decision makers about future programmes         Expect presentations from the EC, the major space agencies,
    on launchers, space missions, flight economy in             and some foreign agencies that have supported us like
    commercial aviation, ATM, etc.                              AFOSR or ONR.

In many ways, the conference is singular. Its focus is mainly   Last but not least, if you prefer quieter environments and blue-
on enabling sciences and R&T. At the outset, its programme      sky research, please consider joining our forthcoming Aerospace
is structured to stimulate cross-fertilisation between the      Thematic Workshop on Plasmas for Flow and Combustion
two domains aeronautics and space. This year it will            Control (
also showcase the virtues of multidisciplinary research         and-publications/atw-2017) scheduled near St Petersburg in
management and present some of its success stories.             April. The field is over two decades old and maturing. It may
                                                                hold the solution to your problems in atmospheric pressure
Cross fertilisation and multidisciplinarity can be very fecund  fluid flows or in control of flames and pollution. The 20 best
if implemented in partnership with other end users in the       specialists worldwide will lecture in the physics and chemistry
field of energy. Consider for instance launching or further     of this promising discipline. Fundamentals, instrumentation
developing bridges between:                                     and applications will be presented.

• Helicopter rotor and windmill developments;                   This community of specialists is very warm, like a family, and
• Electric/hybrid propulsion of passenger planes and            the venue is outstanding. l

If you believe you do have a presentation that could be of interest to us, please contact

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