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Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation                             31

                                                        LNG IN SHIPPING

increased availability of small-scale     This observed intensive development                                Author:
LNG infrastructure, but also it is        confirms our thesis put forward in the
also equally important to ensure          previous article that the chicken-or-egg                           Katarzyna Chrulska
the increased availability of LNG         problem regarding the issue of using
on the supply side. In this regard,       LNG as fuel in shipping no longer                                  GIE Member and Manager LNG
European market players are               exists. Indeed, we can observe both a                              Division of GAZ-SYSTEM in Poland,
particularly interested in observing the  significant development of bunkering                               GLE¹ Gas Advocacy Chairwoman
developments associated to US LNG.        infrastructure at different LNG                                    within GIE in the years 2011-2014
The US Henry Hub prices are still well    terminals, while a significant increase in
below prices in Japan and the EU. This    the number of LNG-powered vessels is                               Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is
makes US LNG exports to these regions     taking place.                                                      an association representing the
profitable. DNV GL analysis expects                                                                          interests of European natural gas
a substantial increase in LNG exports     GLE SUPPORTING SMALL-SCALE                                         infrastructure operators active in
from North America (from 6 to 105         DEVELOPMENT                                                        natural gas transmission, storage
mtpa10) between 2016 and 2025. These      GLE is active in LNG advocacy and                                  and LNG regasification. 16 European
projections can be supplemented by        interested in the small scale LNG                                  LNG terminal operators from 9
BP analysis that expects the global LNG   business. GLE sees the direct use                                  countries, operating around 90%
trade to grow seven times faster than     of LNG as transportation fuel as an                                of the existing LNG regasification
pipeline gas trade11.                     exciting opportunity for cleaning                                  capacity in the European Union, are
                                          up the heavy transport sector. GLE                                 members of GIE.
LNG terminals in Europe offer             regularly gathers data and actualizes
abundant available capacity to receive    the Small Scale LNG Map. The last map                              Contact details:
LNG either from US or other parts         was published in 2015, and there will
of the world. For several reasons,        be a new updated map available on the
including security of supply and market   GIE website in the middle of 2017.
functioning, several new LNG terminals
have recently been commissioned           GLE has also published a GLE Position
in Europe (e.g. Swinoujscie LNG in        paper on Small Scale LNG, where it
Poland and Dunkerque LNG in France)       concludes as follows, “GLE is excited
and the capacity of others is still       about the opportunities offered by
being expanded (e.g. Revithoussa in       Small Scale LNG and will play its part
Greece). Enhanced availability of LNG     in promoting its further development
regasification capacity ensures that the  in a safe way.” Today, GIE/GLE confirms
potential of LNG is explored across       again our statement and fully supports
the EU member states, including in        the LNG CASE (using LNG because it is
those countries where LNG is expected     Clean, Available, Safe and Economical).
to have a positive influence from         GIE/GLE is looking forward to its great
the perspective of diversification of     future and taking an active part in
gas supply sources and gas-to-gas         its creation as GIE members are key
competition.                              players in the European gas market. l

1 See for more details – LNG CASE (Clean Available Safe Economical) in shipping by Katarzyna Chrulska (GIE)  Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE)
Spring 2016 European Energy Innovation                                                                       Avenue de Cortenbergh, 100
2                                      1000 Brussels
3 The age of LNG is here. Most cost efficient solution for ECAS, June 2010                                   Belgium
4 Data from DNV actual for 11 January 2016: DNV GL – LNG-fuelled vessels. Ship list – Vessels in operation   T +32 2 2090500
and vessels on order                                                                                         F +32 2 2090501
5 Data from DNV actual for 9 December 2016 – Presentation: Enabling LNG Infrastructure presented by Johan    E
Holstein at DNV GL Gas Day 2017- Warsaw                                                                      W
7 Data from DNV – Presentation: Enabling LNG Infrastructure. DNV GL Gas Day 2017 – Warsaw
8 launched by DNV
10 million tonnes per annum
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