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reduction across the network
requires coordination around
specific opportunities to scale the
energy consumption of various

Networked infrastructure devices
and networking equipment
can’t be switched off or put to
sleep, so the best way to reduce
their energy consumption is to
improve their ability to adapt to
changing levels of traffic intensity.
The existing European codes of
conduct for Data Centres and
Broadband networks are excellent
tools to drive the efficiency of
such systems. For example active
energy efficiency management of
Data Centres can help to reduce
up to 30% of energy consumption
by implementing permanent
changes through measurement,
monitoring, and control of energy

little energy as possible so that mode would cause bottlenecks There’s no silver bullet for energy
they function as long as possible in the entire system, leading to efficiency in the tech sector. One
without recharging or replacing unavailable services, data loss and single approach to improving
the battery. Much of the desired increased energy consumption energy efficiency does not work
energy savings will therefore across the network due to data across the different systems and
happen without the need for being re-routed, resent, and devices. While networks and
regulatory intervention. devices being re-booted. networking equipment can scale
power, they should never go to
Networked infrastructure devices This infrastructure requires sleep. On the other hand, edge
such as servers and data storage a holistic approach. Only by devices can sleep and wake up
facilities manage the data taking a system-wide view when needed, assuming they
within the network and service of the data networks will it comply with widely accepted
application requests from edge be possible to improve the interoperability standards.
devices. Networking devices efficiency in collecting, handling,
connect edge devices to the synthesizing and storing the data. As a way forward we promote
network. Thus an autonomous It requires a coordinated effort. a world where edge devices
power management which No independent unit drives and networking equipment
puts those devices in a sleep the efficiency. In fact energy are optimized for energy
management while delivering
increased value, productivity
and services. This requires a
global approach and the IEA G20
Energy Efficiency Action Plan for
Networked Devices is an excellent
framework to achieve this.l
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