Page 16 - European Energy Innovation - Spring 2015 publication
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Spring 2015 European Energy Innovation


Investing in Negawatts, the world’s
‘first fuel’

By Kathleen Van Brempt (pictured), MEP and S&D’s vice-president responsible for sustainability

The European Energy energy problems we are facing over vast distances in Europe,
Union has been on the now and will face in the future. from our off shore windfarms in
political agenda since the North Sea, the hydroelectric
2010, but only recently In 1951 European leaders plants in Scandinavia, solar farms
a first ambitious framework for acknowledged that coöperation in the south of Europe and the
such a Union was presented by would boost the European thousands of decentralized
the Commissions Vice-President economy. Integrating the micro-power plants in other parts
Maros Sefcovic. Just as the early patchwork of 28 national energy of the Union. In times of distress
sprouts of the European Union, grids, which symbolize an energy member states will have to rely
notably the European Coal and policy of the past, would create on each other, using each others
Steel Community, emerged from a similar boost to the European reserves or sur plus capacities.
industry and energy questions, economy. With a growing share
the new European Solar and Wind of renewables in our energy mix, Much can be said about the
Community will have to solve the we will need to transport energy Energy Union framework
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