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Spring 2015 European Energy Innovation


and energy efficient solutions through the Retrofitting Planner & buildings (in Milan - Italy, in
in the construction sector. Design Tool. This tool quantifies Gdansk - Poland and in Madrid
EASEE delivers this goal as it economic savings by assessing - Spain) and monitored in order
derives benefits for every level the building’s envelope with a to evaluate their performance.
considered: 3D laser-scanning technique, Monitoring activities of thermal
then simulates and analyses performance were also kick started
• at the macro-level, there is the the information using Virtual both at the test façade and at the
obvious gain in terms of energy Environment (VE) software in demo buildings. The pertinence
savings and reduced carbon order to provide a ranking of of the monitoring results will
dioxide emissions, as well as options available. In the end the gain in credibility as the demo
the benefits for SMEs operating Design Tool module provides buildings are covering more than
in the field of construction manufacturers with design one climate zone. Just to mention
resulting in a job surge; specifications for the off-site one, the injection of perlite within
production of the prefabricated the cavity of the Spanish demo
• there are clear, more components2. An innovative building provided an increase of
immediate gains for owners approach to retrofitting can be the indoor temperature of around
which also avoid the many sophisticated and complex in its 4-5 degrees.
burdens typically associated design, but should be simple in
with this kind of works; its applicability. Supporting this kind of projects
and their market uptake is key
• new products mean that Francesca Marchi from to bridging the implementation
professionals will need new D’Appolonia – lead partner- points gap and fully benefiting from the
skills which in turn will increase out that: “such a project wouldn’t untapped potential of energy
the level of competitiveness be as pertinent if the solutions renovations. Going beyond just
and will lead to different and materials it proposes weren’t recognising through legislation
business opportunities. tested first on dedicated test the multitude of benefits that
façades and subsequently on renovation can entail and putting
The EASEE technologies are demo buildings. Works have to the test these policies has to
innovative not only due to their progressed at the test façade with become the main priority. Projects
adaptability and modularity some of the products already such as EASEE are important at
which implies fast and targeted installed3. Monitoring sensors this stage because they focus on
interventions, but also because revealed a retrofit improvement developing innovative solutions
they give owners a realistic (in terms of U value measured for retrofitting purposes and
estimation of the benefits before and after the retrofitting on strengthening technical
intervention) up to 40% due to capacities in the buildings
Contact the coordinator of the EASEE project: the installation of prototypes for value chain. Showcasing good
Alessandra Monero - Project coordinator interior retrofitting based on high practices through successful
D’Appolonia S.p.A. performing insulating materials implementation at demo sites
E-mail: alessandra.monero[at] (perlite and aerogel).” sends a strong message that
Francesca Marchi there are solutions out there
D’Appolonia S.p.A. Thus, during the last phase of and the market has to and is
E-mail: francesca.marchi[at] the project, the EASEE products able to change in order to stay
will be installed in three demo competitive. l

1 EASEE stands for Envelope Approach to improve Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in existing multi-storey multi-owner residential buildings. The EASEE project has
received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7 2007-2013 under Grant Agreement n. EeB.NMP.2011-3-285540.
2 For more technical information on the materials developed within the EASEE project – i.e. prefabricated panels for exterior retrofitting; adjustable moulding tool;
hydrophobation process to reduce hygroscopicity of natural and synthetic perlite; production process for highly insulating perlite to be used as loose filler for cavity
walls; perlite boards; aerogel wallpaper; aerogel boards; methodology for energetic assessment and for the geometrical reproduction of the façade; monitoring
platform – visit the website at
3 For a more in-depth look at the works performed in Italy view the short documentary made by EuroNews at
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