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Spring 2015 European Energy Innovation


FMECA / RAM / ENERGY Analysis in
Data Centers

Energy requirements and FMECA / ENERGY SESSIONS In order to ensure a uniform
availability are currently In order to gain an overview and procedure, standardized lists
the driving forces in the to allow an objective evaluation, are used and the exchange of
area of data centers. The all systems are included in FMECA information with those responsible
innovative FMECA (Failure Mode, / ENERGY Sessions on site at the for the location is managed by an
Effects and Criticality Analysis) / beginning and broken down experienced employee.
RAM (Reliability, Availability, according to their components.
Maintainability) / ENERGY At the same time, the system FAILURE MODE AND EFFECTS
analyses of Bilfinger HSG Facility technology is analyzed from an ANALYSIS (FMECA)
Management, takes a close look energy perspective. The FMECA method is based
at the interaction among these on the risk analysis and the
influencing factors and serves as a The recording of the data is risk evaluation. In the product
sound basis for decision-making. essential since empirical values, introduced, this is complemented
The objective is to determine system interdependencies and by the criticality factor for FMECA.
energy saving potential and functionality must be collected so The recording of all components
to quantify its influence on that afterwards an image can be / failure possibilities follows their
availability and reliability. modeled that is close to reality. evaluation with regard to
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