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Spring 2015 European Energy Innovation 19


• Severity of the failure S • Hot spots documentation
• Probability of occurrence O • Air flow management • Exchange of experience
• Probability of discovery D • Parameters for air conditioning
and reflection on the current
This is conducted by means of a systems and air handling units situation
risk matrix that is coordinated with • Cold aisle or hot aisle housing • Increasing awareness of
the relevant customer. employees involved
& temperature adjustment • Risk mitigation
The multiplication of the • Optimization of maintenance
three factors (SxOxD) results • In the building – outside the management
in the so-called risk priority server room
number and is an indicator for The result of the combined
components which require closer • Air conditioning systems analysis is an evaluation of the
consideration. • Parameters for Building current situation with regard to
energy efficiency, availability and
The methodology is used to verify Management System (BMS) reliability as well as a summary of
a design: • Auxiliary drives and energy energy saving measures including
• What can fail? their impact on the parameters
• What are the causes and distribution mentioned above.
• Lighting
effects of failure? The customer thus receives a
• What are the mitigating • Outside the building well-founded basis for decision-
• Refrigeration – refrigerating making in order to be able to
measures? implement action plans that are
machines, cooling towers derived from the analysis. l
RAM ANALYSIS • Heat generation - heating
For the RAM analysis, the software Contact details:
for the electrical and mechanical systems, CHCP Bilfinger HSG Facility Management GmbH
systems is illustrated in a reliability • Electricity supply – low An der Gehespitz 50
block diagram (RBD). 63263 Neu-Isenburg
voltage distribution systems, Germany
The relationships between the transformers, UPS E-Mail:
individual components in the
system network are presented The areas listed are analyzed
and allocated to the component for their optimization potential. Phone: +49 6102 45-3510
failure models and maintenance At the request of the customer,
activities in order to define the corresponding business cases
availability, reliability of the can be prepared. The possibilities
analyzed system. for improvement developed as
a result are reviewed in further
The FMECA Session(s) form RAM analyses for their impact in
the data foundation for the relation to the availability of the
modeling. data center.

In the data center area, the energy COMBINED ANALYSIS
analysis is conducted from the Through the combination of the
inside to the outside. To this end, analyses presented, the following
the data center is divided into the value added for the customer can
following areas be achieved
• In the building – within the • Provision of a reliable basis for

server room decision making
• Cooling distribution • Avoidance of unnecessary

• Displaying optimization

• Showing Single Points of

Failure (SPOF)
• Reviewing existing
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