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Autumn 2015 European Energy Innovation


Lighting in Cultural Heritage

By Carlos Lee (pictured), Director General of EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium) and Louis
Bonnefous, IOGS (Institut d’Optique Graduate School).

2015 is proclaimed manufacturing, life science, A LOOK BACK ON LIGHTING
international year and also lighting is one of main TECHNOLOGIES
of light by UNESCO products. The first ‘fuel lamps’
to emphasize the Long time before the advent
importance of light and light- In cultural heritage, leading- of semiconductors, during the
based technologies. Lighting edge technologies are required: Antiquity, candles and oil lamps
technologies, and more generally there is no place for something were first used as lighting sources
photonic technologies, are that could alter a priceless and we still use them today on
gaining increased attention artwork. Thanks to innovative special occasions. During the
as they are technologies that technologies, museum 18th century, Aimé Argand used
will deeply impact our lifestyle conservators are now relieved, another type of fuel to produce
because they are pervasive and lighting is no longer a threat for light by inventing the kerosene
enabling. Photonics technologies their pieces of artwork. lamp which was later replaced by
create, use, modify, or detect And in addition, the new gas lamps.
light. We encounter photonics lighting technologies will
in applications as diverse enhance the best perception of Towards electronics
as transport, environment, artworks. At the end of the 19th century,
new types of lamps were widely
Ensuring that artworks reflect their true charms: a view of the Aachen Cathedral used for street and building
Treasury museum. The illumination needs to meet the stringent conservation issues lighting. Humphry Davy was the
for the lighting of historic exhibits. first to seize the possibility of
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