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Smart lighting as a stepping

stone towards smart cities

By Elke den Ouden. TU/e Fellow New Business Development in Public-Private Value Networks,
Eindhoven University of Technology

Cities strive to improve Moving beyond the functionality exist of a variety of sensors
quality of life for of products to meaningful (weather, movements, energy
their citizens and applications providing value for consumption, camera’s etc.)
see opportunities in citizens and society requires a and mash up the gathered data
new ICT-based technologies. change in paradigm that affects with freely available open data
Public lighting and public all participants in the quadruple to gain insights in emerging
lighting infrastructure can play helix (government, businesses, patterns that can be used for
a significant role as a stepping knowledge institutes and citizens). various software applications. For
stone to achieve the ambitions In this article we will highlight two example, in Stratumseind, the pub
of cities to become ‘smart cities’. of the prominent changes in the street in the city of Eindhoven,
New technologies, like LED innovation process. a smart lighting solution aims to
lighting and data science, do influence the atmosphere in the
not only contribute to energy OPEN DATA AND OPEN street and reduce the number
saving, but at the same time PLATFORMS of aggressive incidents that are
provide opportunities for value The ultimate goal of urban inherent to entertainment districts
adding services. The industry is solutions is to provide value (see Figure 1). With dynamic
in transition from a hardware and for societal stakeholders by lighting scenarios the mood,
product-driven industry to a full creating a healthy, liveable stress level and behaviour of
solution and data based service- city with a vibrant economy. the visitors is influenced. Data
driven industry. Many of the smart city solutions from various sources is collected

Figure 1 - Dynamic lighting scenarios to influence people’s mood and behaviour in a pub district
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