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A view from the Museo del Duomo. Targeted accent lighting help
present the exhibits in their natural beauty, taking visitors to the
exhibition on an authentic journey through time.

flow on specific directions so as used to illuminate monumental About the author:
to highlight details and objects building facades. LED systems are
exposed. Light’s staging can be also economical as they are very Carlos Lee is Director General at EPIC, European
considered as an art by itself and long lasting. With a bulb lifetime of Photonics Industry Consortium, the association
thanks to LED systems it has never over 50.000 hours, their life span promoting the sustainable development of
been so convenient to create is more than 60 times longer than organisations working in the field of photonics.
‘ambiences’ in museums. the one of incandescent lamps Photonics encompasses technologies that
(750 hours). Lastly, LED systems use, create, modify, or detect light, such as
LED systems are economical are economical because they photovoltaic, lighting, lasers for medical/
LED systems are economical first hardly require any maintenance. military/industrial applications, optics and
because they are controllable. The yearly operating cost for a fibers for optical communication, and many
Each system adapts to the 60-watt traditional lamp is about more. Photonics is one of the six key enabling
current luminosity and offers a 13$ compared to the less than 3$ technologies recognized by the European
natural brighter lighting than needed for an LED of the same Commission.
incandescent or fluorescent lamps. brightness. When we know how
Compared to a typical 60-watts expensive maintenance costs
incandescent lamp, an LED of the can be in museums, LED systems
same brightness will consume have become very welcome
5 times less energy. One of the alternatives.
most relevant example of an
energy effectiveness art building A good museum lighting system
is the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, answers the needs of both
a modern art museum based in conservators and users which
Ludwigshafen in Germany. LED ask for an atmosphere that can
systems have now replaced former create emotions, visual comfort
traditional incandescent light without impacting artworks, and
bulbs and the museum’s energy be energy-efficient. Thanks to LED
costs have been reduced by as technologies, these needs are
much as 70%. The numbers are now satisfied and LED systems are
even more relevant for outdoor set to replace traditional lighting
lighting where powerful LED are in most museums. l
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