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Refurbishment rates are barriers

to lighting quality and efficiency

By Diederik de Stoppelaar (pictured)

Efficient lighting products a refurbishment rate of 7% per conventional light sources to LED.
will become increasingly year however it will take 15 years
available due to the to realize full benefits. Even worse The European Union has a carbon
Energy Related Products is the outlook in street lighting reduction commitment and plans
Directive. But can they sufficiently which represents about 20% of to reduce by 27% European
contribute to improving the possible energy savings. 33% of greenhouse gas levels and
lighting quality and efficiency in installations are older than 40 energy consumption by the year
indoor and outdoor applications? years. But with a refurbishment 2030.
And will these products come in rate of 3% per year, it will take
time for EU energy saving targets? around 30 years to realize full It has been demonstrated that
benefits from using efficient energy efficient lighting is one
Lighting is responsible for 14% lighting products. of the quickest, most practical
of all the electricity consumption and most cost-effective ways for
within the EU (source: IEA 2002). In addition these products are Europe to save energy. A range of
When these efficient lighting all too often put into service in measures have been introduced
products are put into existing poorly designed and operated throughout the European Union.
installations, they can yield lighting installations that will lead These measures range from
some 15% improvements in to bad lighting conditions and consumer information initiatives,
energy efficiency. Looking at waste in energy. such as the Energy Labelling of
professional lighting, around Products Directive, legislation to
80% of the possible energy A discussion about modern remove energy inefficient product
saving with existing products lighting goes beyond the aspect from the European market using
will come from the office and of energy saving. the Energy Related Products
industry lighting application. With Directive, or efficient construction
Light and lighting is essential for measures as given in the Energy
mankind to perform many visual Performance of Buildings
tasks efficiently, effectively, in Directive.
comfort and at places providing
safety and security. The required It is however predicted that
illumination for both quantity and Europe is falling behind its energy
quality for the tertiary lighting saving targets for 2030 and
sector is well defined in the CEN additional measures are needed.
lighting applications standards.
These standards describe and The lighting industry welcomes
define how illumination can be and has already contributed to
provided by daylight, electric light the initial stages of ENER Lot
or the combination of the two 37 Study on Lighting Systems,
sources in well designed, installed which are considered as holistic
and operated lighting schemes. systems: light sources, ballasts,
luminaires, multiple luminaires
A lighting scheme is the key in a system with sensors and
leverage for energy saving and controls and also the design and
quality in lighting. Planning, installation of the system.
installing and maintaining a
properly designed lighting The scope of the study is “….to
scheme will improve the carry out a limited preparatory
effectiveness of lighting in terms study on lighting systems for
of quality and quantity and can the exploration of the feasibility
result in up to 70% reduction in of EcoDesign, energy labelling,
the energy used, changing from and/or energy performance
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