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lighting design benchmark installation commissioning & operation &
sign-off maintenance

Lighting system: process of implementation

of building requirements. The • the installer shall install the in the correct and timely
options of where to go next system in accordance with maintenance of the system
include a basic idea on how to the specification and plans
implement possible measures, provided by the designer The challenge is to move beyond
without going into detail. The product regulation, start using
energy saving potential of the • the installer shall not make metrics that measure energy
options is considered, but not the changes to the system and use and not installed load,
political feasibility. The options products specified without the and define requirements on
can be further addressed in a approval of the designer commissioning and maintenance.
possible full preparatory study.” This will require a higher level of
COMMISSIONING AND expertise from legislative bodies,
The lighting industry recommends SIGN-OFF market surveillance, planning
formalising in a lighting system Building systems are no control authorities, lighting
the process of design through to longer products operating design and electrical installation
operation in a manner that allows in isolation but potentially professionals.
transparency and is therefore complex interlinked components
open to monitoring or regulation. producing a controlled, efficient It has been demonstrated that
This process should have 5 main system. Commissioning of the energy efficient lighting systems
stages. system is essential to ensure all are one of the quickest, most
functions are operating correctly practical and most cost-effective
DESIGN to the product specification ways for Europe to save energy.
To ensure that the design is and to the system design and With LED technology we are really
performed according to best therefore at the beginning of a new era. The
practice, both for energy chances of lighting go beyond
efficiency and lighting quality, • the installer shall complete the vision aspect and energy
certain criteria are needed like and commission the system for saving. New areas such as human
• the designed system shall handover centric lighting and smart lighting
are currently explored intensively
include suitable controls to • the installer and building with new results expected for
minimise the energy usage owner shall confirm the correct autumn this year.
• the designer shall provide operation of the system
a maintenance schedule for and formally sign-off the The European lighting industry
the system to be operated to commissioning fully embraces these innovative
ensure optimum operation of opportunities, strongly supports a
the system through life OPERATION AND full study on lighting systems, and
MAINTENANCE for the study to make concrete
BENCHMARK Unless users understand how legislative proposals. ●
Before the design can be to correctly operate the system,
implemented there should and maintenance engineers Mr. Diederik de Stoppelaar, a seasoned lighting
be a check to ensure that the understand how to maintain veteran, brings over 25 years of experience
design conforms to best practice the system to ensure optimal in the lighting industry to LightingEurope,
and to energy performance efficiency through life, the energy including being instrumental in the founding
requirements. savings potential of the system of LightingEurope and serving as Treasurer
will degrade through life and only from 2011-2013. Previously he was the global
INSTALLATION realise a fraction of its potential. General Manager for the Vertical Outdoor within
Designing a system that provides This requires that GE Lighting. Prior to his work at GE, Mr. de
a quality environment in an • the installer shall instruct the Stoppelaar has served in various management
energy efficient manner is not roles within Philips Lighting, as Chief Marketing
enough unless the system is owner/user in the energy Officer of Thorn Lighting, Regional Commercial
implemented correctly. This efficient operation of the Director of Zumtobel, and Vice President for
means that the system needs system Sales, Europe and Africa, of Lutron.
to be installed as designed and • the installer shall instruct
therefore maintenance personnel
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