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Autumn 2015 European Energy Innovation


brightness in colours that offers a light free of UV and essentials to dose with precision
encounter the visible spectrum. IR radiations. Even when LED the quantity of artificial light
It’s only recently that high- luminaires are placed in direct needed to be combined with
brightness blue LEDs were close contact to the object, the daylight. LED systems have the
invented by the Japanese Shuji lighting is less harmful than advantage to be notably easy to
Nakamura, Hiroshi Amano and with a traditional system. The mount on electronic integrated
Isamu Akasaki, recipient of the decolouration or deterioration circuits. This great benefit allows
Physics Nobel Prize in 2014. The risks are thus avoided and the LED technologies to be ‘smart’: in
semiconductor materials used colour temperature variation of museums and galleries, lighting
determines the colour of the LED. controllable LED systems is also systems are autonomous and
with no risks for the artworks. adjust to the current luminosity
LED IS PRECIOUS FOR to offer ‘soft’ light. The company
CULTURAL HERITAGE LED systems are intelligent, Zumtobel, world leading supplier
LED light is harmless for controllable systems of lighting systems headquartered
artworks In buildings dedicated to arts, in Austria, has a very innovative
LED is the only source that smart lighting control systems are lighting management system in
its LEDs which let them simulate
The multifunctional SUPERSYSTEM from Zumtobel forms a unifying light element in an overall soft and highly
the successful renovation of the listed arcades at the LWL Museum in the city of realistic natural lighting as well
Muenster, Germany. as providing an increased light
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