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Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation                                      57

                                           GEOTHERMAL INNOVATION

The Rittershoffen project (Alsace, France) is an EGS project supplying heat to a local starch producer and biorefinery.

1.	 Increase reservoir performance14           €ct/kWhth for heat by 202515;         exploration; deep drilling;
    resulting in power demand of                                                     reservoir performance, production
    reservoir pumps to below 10% of        4.	 Reduce the exploration costs by       and well field development, including
    gross energy generation and in             25% in 2025, and by 50% in 2050       reservoir, operation flexibility,
    sustainable yield predicted for at         compared to 2015;                     corrosion and scaling; surface
    least 30 years by 2030;                                                          equipment; non-technical and
                                           5.	 Reduce the unit cost of drilling (€/  environmental issues.
2.	 Improve the overall conversion             MWh) by 15% in 2020, 30% in 2030
    efficiency, including bottoming            and by 50% in 2050 compared to        Concrete steps can be taken to bring
    cycle, of geothermal installations at      2015;                                 geothermal technologies to full
    different thermodynamic conditions                                               commercial scale and to allow for
    by 10% in 2030 and 20% in 2050;        6.	 Demonstrate the technical and         widespread use of geothermal, and
                                               economic feasibility of responding    the Deep Geothermal ETIP and its
3.	 Reduce production costs of                 to commands from a grid operator,     working groups are working towards
    geothermal energy (including from          at any time, to increase or decrease  the goal. l
    unconventional resources, EGS,             output ramp up and down from
    and/or from hybrid solutions which         60% – 110% of nominal power.            Interested parties are welcome
    couple geothermal with other                                                       to join the platform by visiting
    renewable energy sources) below        Five working groups are operating 
    10 €ct/kWhe for electricity and 5      to reach the objectives, focusing on:
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