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Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation  59

                                                                            ENERGY TRANSITION

That equals a total storage capacity of                     Optimisation of         Positive/negative
25 GW which is an enormous amount                           self-consumption        control energy
compared with 7 GW of all German          Peak load
pumped hydro storages.                    smoothing                                                Off-grid supply

The variety of technologies is also       Black-start                               Reactive power
reflected in the capability to transform  capability                                compensation
electrical energy to other energy
sources, e.g. to gas by “Power-to-Gas”       Voltage control                        Shifting excess
(PTG) or to heat by “Power-to-Heat”                Inertia reserve                  energy to other
(PTH). By linking the different sectors,                                            sectors
the excess electricity can be stored for                            Back up energy
days, weeks and months. This offers
a huge potential to augment the           Nevertheless, some outstanding            Source: BVES e.V., German Energy
efficiency of the whole systems and       projects have been already realized so    Storage Asscociation
as well to reduce carbon emissions,       far, that are significantly underlining
having in mind the goals of the Paris     the trend to the smart connection of
agreement. Focusing only on the           generation, grid and consumption. In
electricity sector we would have to       conclusion, energy storage plays a key
have a renewable share of 65% by          role in the renewable concert of today
2025 in Germany, which is all but         and will even more in the future. There
impossible to reach.                      are only a few parameters, that still
                                          need to be adjusted to pave the way
So, as we see, there a lot of different   to a sustainable level-playing field and
technologies and business models,         into the market. l
that are evolving very fast. However,
the actual legal and regulatory           Biography Thomas Speidel
framework in Germany is not adapted
yet to the recent developments.           Thomas Speidel, graduated in Electrical Engineering at the University of
So far neither on an European nor         Stuttgart, is CEO of ads-tec, a medium-sized family owned company located in
German level there exists a definition    Nuertingen and Dresden. Business areas are the development and production
of storage. In most contexts energy       of high-end and long-term available “Industrial IT” and “Energy Storage”
storage is assigned to the role of        systems based on li-ion for Home & Small Business applications as well as for
consumption, which results to be a        Industrial & Infrastructure surroundings. Through the initiatives in numerous
serious disadvantage, because the         projects funded on the state and national level, ads-tec maintains close
grid-related fees are imposed for every   relations to businesses and research institutions along the entire value chain.
kWh that gets stored.                     Since March 2016, Thomas Speidel (CEO) is president of the German Energy
                                          Storage Association (Bundesverband Energiespeicher e.V.).
The same charges are imposed again,
when the same kWh is reaching the         BVES – German Energy Storage Association
final consumer, so that we are facing
the absurd situation, that those fees     The BVES is the industrial association of German energy storage companies
are charged twice. For Power-to-X the     that is open to all technologies in the areas of electricity, heat and mobility. As
situation is even more tense, because     a dialogue partner for politics, administration, science and publicity, BVES is
when no reconversion to electricity       trying to improve the German regulation and policy framework with targeted
takes place, the full range of fees and   lobbying. In addition, the BVES monitors research and development activities.
charges apply.
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