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Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation              61


                                            Hoofdstructuur voor warmte

in renewable energy (mainly wind            Hoofdstructuur voor warmte                                  Leiden
and sun) will also provide for excess       Zuid-Holland
renewable electricity when the supply                                                                   Leiden
supersedes the demand, which power                                                            Den Haag    Zoetermeer
can be converted to heat and stored.

Next to this close proximity of heat              Den Haag                                              ZPNoijeontoaetcrdkmoererp-er  Capelle
demand and supply South Holland             Vierpolders                                                 PRijontatecrkdearm-           ad IJssel
is also a densely populated region          Vierpolders                                                  Nootdorp
with 3.6 million people (1,6 milion                                                                      Rotterdam                    Capelle
households) living in an area of 2,818                                                                                                ad IJsselDordrecht
km2. The majority of these houses
have been built before 1960 which                                                                                                                Dordrecht
makes it more difficult to fully isolate.
There are also apartments in buildings                                                                                                                          16.1097
with 4 levels and above. This provides
South Holland with great economical                                                                                                                             16.1097
and technical possibilities for collective
heating systems.                            It is also notable that the industry                            sources will include waste heat from
                                            in Rotterdam discharges every year                              the Rotterdam port and industrial
With all the right conditions all-in        an enormous amount of waste heat                                complex, as well as local waste heat,
the same region: (1) being a densily        150 PetaJoules. At the same time                                power to heat, solar thermal and
populated area and, (2) both a big          households use 73 PJ for heating                                sources of geothermal energy. It is
demand for heat and an abundance of         yearly. Providing these households                              therefore flexible and inclusive.
heat; a great possibility for a network     with waste heat would save that
for heat comes up, named the heat           same amount of gas and deliver                              2.	 4th Generation grid
roundabout                                  a considerable lowering of CO2                                  This infrastructure includes a
                                            emissions – over 4 Mton.                                        transition path into low-temperature
FOCUS ON THE IMPORTANT ROLE                                                                                 space heating, Smart Thermal
FOR INDUSTRY AND HEAT IN THE                INNOVATIVE APPROACH OF THE                                      Grids, low-temperature networks,
TRANSITION                                  HEAT ROUNDABOUT IN SOUTH                                        the growth of local renewable
“No matter how many homes and               HOLLAND                                                         heat sources and other innovative
schools we help to become energy            “If waste is a resource, use and reuse                          measures.
neutral, nothing will structurally          of excess heat becomes an essential
improve if we do not focus on the           opportunity”                                                3.	 Transition path for waste heat
industries” – Arash Aazami                                                                                  The transition of the harbour into
                                            Unique opportunities, therefore                                 a circular harbour. As the harbour
Most policies and subsidies in              abound, if and when heat sources and                            will become less reliant on fossil
the Netherlands focus on making             heat consumers in Delft, The Hague,                             fuel and more sustainable, the
electricity in households sustainable.      Rotterdam, Leiden and Westland are                              waste heat will become completely
A considerable effort goes into energy      effectively matched and integrated.                             CO2 neutral. The harbour aims
efficiency measures (led lamps, and                                                                         to transform its current important
energy saving appliance usage) and          This innovative solution in the heat                            fossil energy based function into a
the production of solar and wind            roundabout, “an infrastructure in                               renewable energy function.
power to produce this electricity.          which water conveys heat to various
Only a small amount of effort goes          customers in the southern part of the                       4.	 Smart multi commodity grid
into measures for efficiency and more       province of Zuid-Holland” is exemplary                          Dynamic energy management
green production for industry as well       in four distinctive ways:                                       of multiple energy sources like
as domestic heating. Considering that                                                                       electricity, hydrogen, heat and
household electricity consumption           1.	 Integration of multiple sources                             biogas aggregated efficiently in one
accounts for only less than 2% of              of heat                                                      hub system offering flexibility and
energy use in South Holland, while              A heat infrastructure, in which heat                        storage. l
industry and heating account for
75%, this situation needs to be more
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