Page 52 - European Energy Innovation - Winter 2016 publication
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52  Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation


The smart meter revolution:
paving the way towards
consumer empowerment

By Hans ten Berge, Secretary General, EURELECTRIC

New technologies enabling               participate actively in the “smart, new  changes in energy usage habits by
                smart grids, smart      energy market”. But what does this       allowing consumers to make more
                metering, smart homes,  mean in reality?                         informed choices, and notably to
                self-generation and                                              manage their demand and reduce their
 storage equipment are progressively    The two-way communication between        costs. Smart meters will allow for an
 empowering citizens to take ownership  utility and consumer – made possible     accurate and certified measurement
 of the energy transition and to        through smart meters – will stimulate    of consumption, generation and

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