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60  Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation


Did you hear the Netherlands is saying
good-bye to gas?

By Maya van der Steenhoven and Babajide Owoyele of the programme for heating and cooling South Holland

The Netherlands is making                governments, this will affect everyone      in the Netherlands. The energy
            a fast transition away from  in the Netherlands..                        consumption in the South Holland
            gas heating. The Climate                                                 region accounts for aprox 800 PJ
            Conference COP21 in          To take its responsibility in the national  which is around 25% of total energy
Paris, and the recent earthquakes in     challenge, the province Zuid-Holland        consumption in the Netherlands,
Groningen (the Dutch province where      has almost completed the mapping            with an estimated 1% coming from
gas is being produced), have created     out of the province’s regions,              renewable sources. South Holland is
enough urgency for the Netherlands to    municipalities and even districts, to       very much an industrialised region:
decide about it’s route away from gas.   show all heating possibiliities. These      Industry uses the largest chunk of this
                                         maps give insights into the optimal         energy (an estimated 650 PJ). The
This puts the Netherlands on the verge   technical preferences for substituting      petrochemical industry and refineries
of going into the biggest transition of  gas heating to electric heatpumps,          use three quarters of this, supplying
the century. With 7 milion households    biogas or collective heating systems        the European or global markets. Half
and buildings currently being heated     per district. This also gives insight       of this is used as raw material for
by gas, and gas being the main source    into the opportunities of locally           producing plastics and chemicals.
for cooking, the transformation will be  generated (waste) heat or geothermal        The enormous horticultural sector in
immense. In the next 20 years these      heat sources. Using this information a      Westland and Oostland used 45 PJ
households will have to be taken         bottom-up process is being initiated        of heat in 2014. Not only has South
off gas and isolated and equipped        with local stakeholders to discuss          Holland got a large demand for heat,
with different heating and cooking       their possibilities for change and local    but it also has an abundance of heat
solutions. 350.000 houses a year. This   preferences.                                resources . South Holland has an
is generic to both existing houses and                                               enormous supply of residual waste
newly built ones and, although the       SOUTH HOLLAND TAKES A LEADING               heat and in some areas (Rotterdam, the
major task will be in the hands of grid  ROLE IN THE TRANSITION                      Hague, Westland) terrific conditions
companies, municipalities and the        South Holland is not a typical province     for geothermal heat. The growth

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