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Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation        55

                                                           OCEAN ENERGY

Courtesy of OpenHydro

it produces electricity during different  Elsewhere, buoyed by support from             STAYING AHEAD OF THE
times and is very predictable.            the EU’s NER300 programme, AW                 COMPETITION
                                          Energy are preparing to deploy their          Ocean energy needs the EU, the
2016: A BREAKTHROUGH YEAR FOR             WaveRoller technology in a first-of-a-        EU needs ocean energy. The size
OCEAN ENERGY                              kind demonstration farm in Peniche,           of the prize is nothing short of new
Ocean energy is experiencing a            Portugal.                                     manufacturing sector firmly based in
breakthrough year in 2016, with more                                                    Europe, something the EU has been
production capacity hitting the water     INCREASING EU SUPPORT                         direly lacking recently.
than in the entire decade before.         EU has begun to understood the
                                          timeliness of the opportunity presented       Actions to achieve it should be
The first phase of Atlantis Resource’s    by this exciting emerging sector and          scaled accordingly, and rapidly. The
Meygen project, the first tidal stream    Political and financial support for the       EU’s competition, namely China and
farm in the world, will come online       sector has increased accordingly: The         the US, are wide awake to the same
this summer in northern Scotland.         amount of funding awarded annually            opportunities and are scrambling to
This 6MW farm will pave the way           to ocean energy projects has increased        claw back Europe’s technology lead. l
for the full 400MW project in the         by 350% in Horizon 2020 (2014-2015)
coming years. Similarly in Northern       over its predecessor FP7.                       Rémi Gruet
France, EDF’s Paimpol-Brehat tidal
farm will be installed in the coming      Pushed by the European Commission,
months. Learnings from the project will   the European Investment Bank is
inform larger French tidal ambitions      showing a willingness to engage with
in Normandy and the creation of an        ocean energy project developers
industry there.                           for the first time. A pilot programme
                                          launched by the bank last year to fund
In wave energy, the industry leaders      first-of-a-kind energy projects is a step
are making steady progress towards        in the right direction. The industry
commercialisation, while innovative       welcomes this engagement.
new entrants are attracting a good
deal of attention. Much of the activity   Political visibility for the sector has been
is centred on Wave Hub in the south       enhanced by the Commission’s Ocean
of England, where, amongst others,        Energy Forum. Now in its final stage,
Fortum’s CEFOW project will deploy        the Forum proposes a six-point plan
three of Wello’s Penguin wave             to take the industry further towards
energy convertors in the next year.       commercialisation.
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