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Gonvarri Steel Services is
leading Biostirling-4SKA

As part of their R&D activities, Gonvarri is leading the  Biostirling-4SKA is a concentrated solar power dish
Biostirling-4SKA project: A cost effective and efficient  for a Stirling engine combining solar power and
approach for a new generation of solar dish-Stirling      gas fuel. It has been engineered to be tested by
plants based on storage and hybridization.                powering a prototype of the Square Kilometre Array
                                                          (SKA) 24 hours/365 days. The SKA will have potential
  CONTACT DETAILS                                         to revolutionize the study of the Universe and the                                     energy is one of its challenging fields. Taking the                                        SKA as validator, Biostirling will have many other
                                                          applications by its uninterrupted powering supply in
                                                          an off-grid condition. l

Solar Steel by Gonvarri Steel Services has delivered
more than 1.5GW of PV power worldwide.
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