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of 2° Celsius (100% RH) First, the unit     this medium to cool down the air and      new set up with a new fan, eliminating
needed to be able to cool down to 2°        to extract the moist, an in-between       any kind of pressure loss in the
Celsius without the risk of ice formation.  circuit was designed, consisting of       process. Furthermore, the system
Bear in mind that standard units are        a compressor, heat exchangers and         will be not in operation throughout
only able to cool down to 7° Celsius        ducted bundles as shown in figure 1.       the whole year. This will mainly occur
before ice formation starts. Secondly,      There were only a few concerns. Firstly,  during winter times when the air has
the unit needed to be able to withdraw      because of applying two bundles           less humid. For this reason a by-pass
2 m3/hour of moist from the air for the     in an existing channel the resulting      system was applied enabling Yara to
air cooling to be efficient. The natural     pressure drop of the installation had     shut off the unit thereby preventing
working fluid used for this process          to be compensated in some way. For        unnecessary usage. Last but not least,
was R717 (ammonia). In order to use         this reason Bronswerk provided the        droplets needed to be separated from
                                                                                      the cooled down air. Therefore two
                                                                                      demisters were applied on both sides
                                                                                      of the bundles to extract the water from
                                                                                      the air.

                                                                                      THE PROJECT STATUS
                                                                                      At this moment Bronswerk is finalizing
                                                                                      the remaining activities for this project
                                                                                      which will be in full operation at the
                                                                                      end of 2016. First major results are
                                                                                      being expected in spring 2017 but
                                                                                      the forecasts are very positive. The
                                                                                      research, combined with a suitable
                                                                                      process solution, engineering and
                                                                                      hardware supply, make this project
                                                                                      one of a kind and underline both
                                                                                      Yara’s and Bronswerk’s ambition to be
                                                                                      a role model within the industry when
                                                                                      it comes to process optimization and
                                                                                      sustainability. ●

                                                                                      Contact details:
                                                                                      For more information or to find
                                                                                      out what this can mean for your
                                                                                      system, send an email to
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