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                                 Q For the benefit of our readers,          Spark is being distributed in off grid
                                        could you briefly explain how       areas in Kenya and India and whilst this
                                 your device works?                         distribution network is growing, we can
                                 The Spark clean energy-generating          also see the benefit of bringing Spark
                                 musical instrument acts as a mini          closer to home. With its fun appeal for
                                 portable generator that creates clean,     young people, its educational potential
                                 kinetic energy as it is played. Just 12    and its practical application, Spark is set
                                 minutes of playing generates one           to make a profound impact in European
                                 hour of light and with its smart power     refugee camps. We are currently
                                 system, Spark can charge up a mobile       looking for a partner to help make this
                                 phone.                                     happen.

                                 Q What is the level of interest?           Q Do you foresee any other
                                                                                   potential applications for the
                                 Spark has generated widespread             technology?
                                 interest since launching on Kickstarter    Absolutely, we are currently developing
                                 in July 2014. Since then it has been       a number of different products that
                                 featured in national and international     combine kinetic energy with other
                                 press including the Guardian, The          energy harnessing technologies.
                                 Huffington Post, Businessweek USA,         In a wider context, Spark works not
                                 Wired magazine and Vogue India. It         only as an effective clean energy
                                 also won the London Design Awards          solution for energy poverty but also
                                 2014 and 2015 for Best Product Design      as a learning tool.
                                 for Personal Use and Education.
                                                                            As part of our mission, we aim to to
                                 Q Can you give us an idea of the           inspire young people by bringing core
                                        cost?                               subjects to life, to create sparks in their
                                 To purchase Spark costs 27 euros           imagination, to educate around climate
                                                                            change and most importantly, to help
                                 Q What is the typical power                them to see what they can achieve.
                                        output?                             Through the Spark educational kit or
                                 Spark can generate 25 lumens of light,     Edu-Spark, children can learn Science,
                                 which provides really effective reading    Technology, Engineering and Maths
                                 light. It’s smart boost system allows for  (STEM) by building their own power in
                                 a 5V output for USB charging.              a fun way through combining the Arts.

                                 Q How widespread is the                    The Edu-Spark will be available in
                                       distribution?                        September 2016. l

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