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22  Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation


High Flyers: the Clean Sky Fairy Tale

By Eric Dautriat

                                            Seven is a magic number in all
                                                        fairy tales. It is also a magic
                                                        number with regards to the
                                                        European Union and, in
                                            particular, to Framework Programmes.
                                            Clean Sky is no exception, and without
                                            being exactly a fairy tale, it follows a
                                            seven-year drumbeat. As Clean Sky 1
                                            draws to a close and Clean Sky 2 starts
                                            to grow, perhaps now is a good time
                                            to look back over the past seven years
                                            and reflect on our achievements so far.

                                            Seven years ago, in 2009, the Clean Sky
                                            JU was started. The concrete role of
                                            this strange animal was all but clear. We
                                            knew we would have to learn by doing,
                                            and were happy to do so. A criticism
                                            was floating around about Clean Sky
                                            being a ‘closed club’ for the benefit of
                                            big players only. There were big hopes
                                            and great expectations, following all
                                            the efforts from the founders to define a
                                            far-reaching technological programme
                                            with ambitious objectives, in particular
                                            for CO2 reduction. A bridge was
                                            being built over the Valley of Death of
                                            innovation. The journey was starting.

                                            Seven years later, the JU team has
                                            overseen many achievements: almost
                                            all the major Demonstrators defined
                                            at the beginning have already been
                                            run or are in the final phases before
                                            testing. Very few have been given up
                                            – a handful were replaced by others
                                            of at least similar impact under the
                                            programme executive body’s watchful
                                            eye. A few of our key Demonstrators to
                                            date include:

                                            • The Tech 800 demonstration engine
                                                (April 2013) – this demonstrates
                                                technological advances for small-
                                                and medium-sized helicopter
                                                engines with savings of 15% fuel

                                            • Advance Low Pressure System

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