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The elcertificate market is a common elcertificate market is a their own power procurement are
technology neutral, market- politically motivated instrument to obliged to buy elcertificates out
based support scheme for power reach that goal. of a certain amount of the power
generation from renewable they sell or consume each year. l
sources, organised by Statnett, Each country finances 13,2 TWh
the system operator for the through the quota obligation.
Norwegian energy system.
Production devices included
The common Swedish-Norwegian in the support scheme receive
elcertificate market started on the elcertificates that can be sold on
1st of January 2012. Norway and the common Swedish-Norwegian
Sweden have a common goal elcertificate market.
to increase power generation
from renewable energy sources Power suppliers and certain
with 26,4 TWh before 2020. The types of power consumers with

This picture is from Brunstad powerplant in western Norway. The sign says: “Show caution!e The river is a
source of drinking water”. First the local people make clean energy out of the water. Then they drink it.
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