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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation


Clean energy by the fjords

start of the project, says Leidulf
Bogstad, one of the owners.

In Aardal the powerplants have
created new optimism in the
village which is located right in
the “middle of nowhere” on a
shelf in the mountain overlooking
the fjord. The two powerplants
have been producing clean
energy since 2008 / 2009. The
waterfall from the water-intake
on top of the mountain down
to the fjord is 561 meters. The
water comes from a mountain
area19,6 square kilometers in
size. Each year the generators
produce approximately 20 GWh.
According to mr. Bogstad they
are very happy with the technical
solutions so far.

Mr. Leidulf Bogstad on the outside of one of his powerplants, beautifully Over the last ten years many
located by the fjord. (Below) The size makes no difference. Even in a small plants like this have been built
hut you can find room for a generator. in rural parts of Norway. The
conditions are especially good
In Norway many farmers in the western parts of the
have found a new outcome country where you will find vast
producing clean, renewable height-differences between the
hydroelectric power. One of mountains and the fjords beneath
them is Leidulf Bogstad farm the them.
small village of Aardal located by
a fjord in western part of Norway. • Many farmers have taken the
opportunity to make money
In Aardal all of the 15 neighbours from their own power-
and farmers cooperated to build resources. This is good for
two power plants in the river that the climate, but also good for
runs through the village. Now the local villages as a way to
they own and operate the plants secure their further existence,
themselves as a part time project. says Mr. Knut Olav Tveit, head
of the Small Hydropower
• The owners of the waterfall Association that organize
and the powerplants are the 250 privately owned, small
same people. In a process powerplants.
like this the people with the
biggest parts of the waterfall Though the powerplants in Aardal
have to give something to find haven’t got elcertifikates an
a good solution for everybody. important reason for the building
We have worked together in of many small powerplants is the
a positive way ever since the common Swedish-Norwegian
elcertificate market
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