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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation


Nasa wants to utilise Zaptec’s technology to drill on the Moon,
on asteroids and on Mars.

The US agency wants to utilise properly exploited. They operate another is generally termed
this to drill on the Moon, on continuously and are highly technology transfer. Ensuring
asteroids and on Mars – initially predictable. that innovations benefit a broad
to map minerals, geology range of products and people
and water resources on the When the turbines are rotated worldwide, it represents a very
Red Planet and to search for by the current, the electricity important tool for progress.
life below ground. In the next generated is transmitted to
phase, drilling could be relevant land via submarine cables. The The petroleum sector plays a
for producing and processing technology has been analysed key role in all scenarios for future
resources in outer space, and model-tested at up to 25 per energy supplies. We’re part of a
particularly from the Moon and cent of full scale over the past global technology industry which
asteroids. three years, with good results. A is moving the world forward. Our
two-megawatt full-scale system is technology and our expertise
Renewable energy: Technology the next step. will and must play an important
and experience from Norwegian role in determining the best way
subsea operations play a key role Given that this development to recover the resources both in
in turbines which can convert involves a subsea energy deep water and in more extreme
tidal currents into green energy. technology, drawing on climates.
Established in 2002, Norway’s experience from the oil
Flumill company is working on industry has been a natural That’s when the opportunities will
converting ocean currents into approach. come. That’s when innovation will
electricity with the aid of screw happen. That’s when we become
turbines attached to generators. Such transplanting of technology, part of the solution.
Tidal flows offer a very stable knowledge and production
source of power if they can be methods from one industry to Because we bust boundaries. l
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