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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation


We bust boundaries

By Gro Brækken, CEO, Norwegian Oil and Gas Association

Norway’s petroleum exported to other countries
industry currently and new markets, but have also
employs 250 000 been passed to other sectors.
people, directly or We have compiled a report on
indirectly. The supplies – or oil Technology transfers from the oil
technology – business ranks as and gas sector in cooperation
the largest mainland Norwegian with Rambøll. A total of 26
industry and its largest export examples include health care,
sector after oil and gas. space exploration and renewable
It employs almost 200 000
people in 4 000 companies, and Health care: A system developed
has annual sales of more than to keep an eye on offshore drilling
NOK 360 billion. Companies has also proved effective for
in this sector pursue extensive risk scrutiny at stockbrokers and
innovation and technology observing cardiac patients.
development, utilised both on
the Norwegian continental shelf A spin-off from the Norwegian
(NCS) and in the rest of the world. University of Science and
Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim,
Technology and solutions from Verdande Technology originally
these companies are not only developed its monitoring system

Norway’s Flumill company is working on converting ocean currents
into electricity with the aid of screw turbines attached to generators.
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