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hydrogen refueling infrastructure and framework build-up for the OREEC is a triple helix cluster of companies,
in Northern Europe, paying an regional hydrogen engagement, industry, R&D institutions and universities
important contribution to the and have recently approved a within the field of cleantech in the Oslo region,
phasing out of fossil fuels and Regional Hydrogen Strategy Norway. The main objective is to increase pace
cutting emissions in the European covering the period 2014-2025. of innovation and business development.
transportation sector. The targets for fleet growth are
set at 350 cars and 30 buses in Our activities:
The density of hydrogen refueling 2018, and 10000 cars and 100
stations in the Oslo region is buses in 2025. • Matchmaking. We regularly facilitate
among the highest in Europe, networking events and make direct
with five stations for passengerx OREEC has also been an connection between relevant actors.
cars and one for buses. There are important contributor by initiating
20 fuel cell electric vehicles and hydrogen projects in the region. • R&D and Innovation. OREEC initiates
5 fuel cell buses in regular traffic Several concept initiatives have and facilitates projects that contribute in
by the Oslo-Akershus public led to larger investments, with technology development and innovation.
transport authority Ruter. Hynor Lillestrøm, an R&D oriented
refueling station and competence • International cooperation.
The County of Akershus and the centre as one example. OREEC
City of Oslo have contributed also hosts the secretariat for The • Trough OREECs membership in
extensively with co-financing Norwegian Hydrogen Forum and International Cleantech Network (ICN),
Hydrogen Council. we have direct access to world leading
cleantech clusters.
Another important project in
OREEC is Interreg (Next Move), • ICN-partners in Europe started in 2013
which has engaged municipalities the COOLSWEEP-project funded by EUs
and regions in Southern 7th FP. The aim is to increase inter-cluster
Scandinavia (ØKS-region) to collaboration on waste-to-energy and
be early adopters of fuel cell increase R&D and business opportunities
electric vehicles. Out of 20 newly within this field. See
procured vehicles in Oslo, Skåne
and Copenhagen, 10 of these • Competence-development. OREECs
came through Next Move and partnership-base fosters a strong link
have received ERDF funding. between industry and universities to increase
The cars, all Hyundai ix35 FCEV competence development and recruitment.
have been driven extensively
with feedback of outstanding For more information about our projects and
performance. our team look at or contact:

Next Move commenced in 2011 OREEC is part of
and runs until Septemerb 2014.
A follow-up project is planned for Contact details:
the new Interreg program period, OREEC, Gunnar Randers Vei 24, Box 145, 2027
looking at new business models, KJELLER, Norway. Email:
energy system integration Web:
and new public vehicle fleet

For more information regarding
our hydrogen activities see: ●
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