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for the petroleum sector. This Verdande’s approach has also dialogue over the past year with
solution is based on tracking proved useful in the financial manufacturers of electric cars,
real-time data combined with services industry. It is used by and the response has so far
knowledge transferred from stockbrokers, for example, been very positive. Infrastructure
earlier incidents. With 92 drilling to check if clients are taking for battery charging is a big
rigs worldwide currently using inappropriate risks. challenge in the electric vehicle
the system, experience from the sector. Zaptec’s miniaturised
oil and gas sector indicated to Space exploration: Miniaturised electronics can help to overcome
Verdande that its solution could power electronics developed this by adapting to the grid
be useful in other sectors. to cope with tough conditions voltage and thereby ensuring
encountered in North Sea drilling swift and simple charging.
One is health care. The company and wells have proved useful Furthermore, the charging
is now developing a system for space research and charging stations can communicate with
in cooperation with Houston electric cars. Small, light, robust power companies, homes and
Methodist Hospital, which has and intelligent, this solution was cars, and thereby become part of
one of the USA’s leading heart originally developed for use in an intelligent power network.
clinics. This version collects tools which require more power
sensor data from patients and higher voltage when working Nasa has also shown interest
before and after they have been downhole in oil wells. in the company’s technology,
operated on, monitors symptoms since the high voltage from the
and compares them with earlier Stavanger-based company transformer is incorporated in
cases. Zaptec AS has achieved a good a plasma-based drilling system.
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