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measures for clean inland waterways       the waterways is crucial. The Fuels    of the LNG as an alternative fuel for
(CLINSH).                                 and Drives of the Future Network       inland navigation and for heavy-
                                          of the EnergieAgency.NRW has           duty commercial vehicles as well
The EU-funded project LNG PILOTS          supported the project initiation and   as for industrial applications. The
(INTERREG V A Program) is supporting      accompanies the relevant projects to   4th Workshop “LNG Roadmap” is a
the development of innovative             support the introduction of climate    follow-up event, which gathered in
solutions for the transport (heavy duty   and environmentally friendly fuels     2014, 2015 and 2016 more than 100
vehicles and Inland Shipping) as well     in freight transport. To implement     guests each year from all over Europe
as the industrial sector in LNG. Under    an alternative fuel for the transport  (Germany, Austria, Belgium, France,
the leadership of the Stichting Energy    sector international cooperations      Norway, Great Britain, the Netherlands
Valley (Groningen, Netherlands), a        are needed. Together with the Gas      and Switzerland). l
consortium of 36 partners from North      and Heating Institute Essen (GWI =
Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony            Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e.V.)      Contact details:
and the Netherlands has formed to         the EnergyAgency.NRW organizes           Christopher Olvis
promote the introduction of LNG as an     an international workshop the„4th        EnergieAgentur.NRW, Fuels and
alternative fuel in cross-border freight  LNG Roadmap– LNG as a driving            Drives of the Future Network,
transport and support building up an      force for cross-border cooperation       project manager
infrastructure.                           within Europe” on the 31st of May        Email:
                                          2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The
The EU Life project                       event will highlight the development
CLeanINlandSHipping (CLINSH) is
a European consortium promoting           LANUV- press conference at the laboratory ship Max Prüss during the Kick off event
clean inland waterway transport.          of the EU Life Project CLINSH on 27th of Octobre 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany
Within CLINSH dutch, belgian, german
and english public and private            Kick off event of the EU- INTERREG VA project LNG PILOTS at 18th of November
organizations are working together.       2016 in Papenburg, Germany
The main objective of CLINSH is to
improve air quality in urban areas by
accelerating emission reductions in
Inland Waterway Transport. Despite
several improvements Inland Waterway
Transport is still a major source of air
pollution. The performance of various
emission reduction techniques (e.g.
after-treatment of exhaust gases) and
alternative fuels (LNG, GTL) will be
tested on 30 ships. Before and after
these adjustments the ships emissions
(NOx and PM) will be monitored under
real life conditions. Also the chances
for further introduction of on-shore
power supply will be investigated. The
Measurement results are collected
in a database that provides a tool for
local, regional, national and European
governments for (new) policies on the
greening of waterways. Also, these
data provide skippers with more
insight into the most cost effective
environmental measures for their ship.

For a transit state like North-Rhine-
Westphalia with a high population
density the need to reduce CO2
emissions and to improve the air
quality especially in the cities along
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