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Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation      39

                                          EURELECTRIC INTERVIEW

for DSOs. This body can very well end    politically and in the sector. If we lose   institutional issues, such as the new
up taking crucial decisions for DSOs     sight of the common objectives and          number of parliamentarians, voting
and set the scope for DSO activities in  wander off in different directions, we      weight in the Council and so on.
Europe.                                  all lose.
                                                                                     The EU Emissions Trading System (EU
DSOs will need a bigger toolbox to       Brexit is a real risk for the sector. What  ETS) will need to be recalibrated, and
cope with the challenges of a more       will happen to companies that are           the energy efficiency directive will need
decentralised energy system, in which    going to be isolated in a new U.K.          to be revisited in terms of how much
power. These issues should be of         entity? Will Brexit cause a delay in the    energy needs to be saved essentially.
interest to all European DSOs and        adoption of the Clean Energy Package?       Due to Brexit, there are many other
they can count on EURELECTRIC to                                                     different regulations that impact on the
represent them at EU level.              Q Indeed, the world is going                functioning of the power sector.
                                                through turbulent times. What
Q What is the biggest threat that        do you think will be the impact of          We know that we are losing a good
       the energy sector is facing? Do   Brexit on the EU power sector and           partner, but we will have to find
you see any threats to the energy        how will it impact the current              solutions to collaborate. As far at
sector – and what should the sector      legislation process?                        the EURELECTRIC membership is
do to prevent them?                                                                  concerned, we are happy that our UK
                                         Brexit could lead to delays in the          members would like to continue being
The biggest threat in this period of     development of the European Energy          a part of EURELECTRIC and I am sure
transition is fragmentation - both       Union. This is mainly because of            we can build on that. l
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