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Scale-up trials: 250L
fermenter (BIOTREND)

POLYMERISATION METHODS                                        Plant. Synergies between partners will be instrumental
European and American biopolymer markets are                  for a successful scale-up of the fermentations using real
experiencing huge growth expected to continue in the near     raw materials and in conditions suitable for downstream
future. The objective of BioREFINE-2G is to prepare bio-      processing. l
polyesters from dicarboxylic acids obtained from genetic
engineered yeast. The bio-polyesters are then converted         Contact details:
into commercially interesting products, such as polyurethane    Project website:
dispersions (PUDs) and thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs)
used as adhesives and coatings, and polylactide(PLA)-           Project coordination
copolymers, which can be used as biodegradable                  DTU – Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for
packaging plastics. We have prepared bio-polyesters of          Biosustainability, Technical University of Denmark
different molecular weight by adjusting parameters such as      (Coordinator)
temperature, pressure, reaction time and type of catalyst.      Contact: Dr. Irina Borodina
Scale-up trials are underway to transfer the fermentation       Dissemination and exploitation
technology from lab-scale to industrial application.            WIP – Renewable Energies, Germany
The process developed at lab scale by ULund will be             Contact: Dr. Rainer Janssen
implemented at pilot scale at Biotrend. The resulting           Email:
scaled-up process will be transferred to Borregard’s Demo
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