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42  Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation


European forests at a crossroads

By Emma Berglund, Secretary General, Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF)

Two years ago, I wrote an                 for combatting climate change, and      SEEING THE FORESTS FOR THE TREES
            article for EEI on the topic  the EU has put forward concrete         Seeing these latest EU policy
            “Forests are Europe’s green   proposals with a direct impact          developments and discussions in
            gold”. I stated that “it’s    on how we manage and use our            Brussels, I’m starting to wonder if
easy to fall in love with the forest”,    forests. Most pertinent for forests is  we are really seeing the forests for
as it offers us so many diverse and       the Commission’s proposal on how        the trees. The coming years will be
important benefits, like climate change   to account for the carbon dioxide       decisive for bringing EU on track
mitigation, renewable materials and       removals and emissions from forests,    to combat climate change. In the
energy, jobs and growth, recreation       the so called LULUCF regulation,        development of EU climate and
and biodiversity.                         and the proposal for a Recast of the    energy policy, decision makers must
                                          Renewable Energy Directive, which       strengthen the role of sustainably
Since then a lot has happened. The        for the first time introduces           managed forests and create
Paris Agreement was a milestone,          sustainability criteria for forest      frameworks that support forest
embracing the importance of forests       biomass.                                management and the enhanced use of

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