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Autumn 2017 European Energy Innovation  41

                                          ZERO EMISSIONS TERMINAL

well as in noise reduction. Whole car
fleet operation like at HHLA-terminal
Hamburg Altenwerder, craneoperation
APM-terminal in Antwerp, electrified
yard tractors, forklifts or top-handler
at Pasha Omni Green Terminal in
Los Angeles, electric automated
guides vehicles (AGV) in Rotterdam
or Hamburg, fuel cell drives for stack
carriers, gas-to-liquid (GTL) from
renewables, hydrogen injectionbest
practice can be found all over the
globe. An additional offer is onshore
power supply (OPS) while ships are at
berth. It keeps the emitter free from
taking responsibility. Nevertheless OPS
is better than not having any kind of
exhaust treatment. Currently various
systems are tested or already in daily
operation. Hamburg for example offers
“green” OPS from renewables for
cruise ships, which can even choose
between 50 and 60 Hertz.

The investment in renewable
energies is not only for the sake of
human beings and for the sake of
environment. Fostering electrification
is a business model and often pays
out economically. Several terminals
worldwide have invested in solar
technology. Solar power contributes
10 megawatt to the demand of the
Port of LA, the Port of West Sacramento
already covers 100 percent of its
demand from solar panels on 8400
square meter rooftops. In northern
Europe wind is literally printing money.
Eurogate and HHLA-terminals in
Hamburg cover most of their demand
from eight wind turbines- tendency
increasing. The Port of Antwerp
generates 45 megawatt from its wind
turbines and plans to install further
15 turbines with a capacity of three
megawatt each.

The future for ports has already
arrived. If climate change shall
be challenged and local impacts
successfully mitigated, gaps in
regulation have to be closed.
Especially for ship operation. The
dissemination of introduced best
practice examples shall not be an
exception, it must get a rule. l
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